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About Us


One thought...

… employed as a stay-at-home mom; university student; daughter; active church member; and community servant, I found myself in the back of a classroom exhausted from the arduous lifestyle that I had created. Sociology Professor, Afaf Stevens, passionately lectured about the issues women face in developing nations and the lethargic spirit of the rest of us who've convinced ourselves that there's nothing we can do about it. I admit, while she attempted to awaken the sleeping WOMB of our minds and hearts I was most concerned about how to afford pampers and wipes for my child in a few hours...

Needless to say, Prof. Stevens' passion ignited the WOMB of my mind and heart- THE EMPOWERMENT AND ADVANCEMENT OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN DEVELOPINING NATIONS. My first project began with one thought to visit Liberia, West Africa, to meet Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first elected female Head of State in Africa. I visited Liberia in 2008 and discovered the brutal effects of civil war- particularly the emotional, physical, and economic impact on women. These experiences birthed the vision for Delivering a Nation.

Interesting to note, for years I rallied for the empowerment and advancement of women and children then to make the shift to advancement as opposed to empowerment. I am a Teach for America Alum, an organization that aims to realize the day when every child has an equal opportunity to learn, grow, influence, and lead  and a Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE) member who is reminded that the idea of empowering another implies that they are powerless. Developing nations are powerful because individuals are powerful! Consider with me the natural resources in Africa including the  youthful population of the states... Hence, Delivering a Nation seeks to advance women and children in developing nations by providing access to education, healthcare, and job training. Please, let us  join our hearts and minds today and make a lasting impact in developing nations. Thank You. 

Quencina Gardner

(Founder & President)


Education & Job Training

  • We support struggling schools by providing donated text books; curriculum support of the materials; students' materials for learning; clothing; students' school fees and uniforms; school clinic supplies; and one meal a day for the students. 
  • Women receive financial support towards adult education classes and public transportation to attend the classes. 
  • We also develop school-community initiatives to build partnerships with the communities for student success. Our donors sponsor women for job training relevant to community needs and individual interests. 



We sponsor women and children's healthfair and provide basic screenings, medication, and a variety of educational materials.